Value4waste: Meeting our ‘Circular Economy’ champions

“Europe isn’t rich in natural resources, but we are very rich in human resources, and the circular economy can draw on those and export the technologies they spawn to the rest of the world,” said Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, announcing the roll out of the EU’s Circular Economy Package. His words serve as a guiding theme for much of our work at SITE4Society, including our latest event in January 2019.

Winner Ron Jansen Spirit Award 2018: Laura Nieboer

Pieke – Broodbier (beer made from stale bread). Laura wants to let people talk about food production and food waste with Pieke-Broodbier, founded under the wings of Enactus. At the end of last year, she even won the ‘Maastricht Student Entrepreneur Award’ with her company! Because of the prize she won, Pieke bread beer went very quickly. “It gives me a lot of energy and at the moment I am at a point where I have to determine how to proceed now.”

Toasting the Maastricht Student Entrepreneur Award 2018

A 22-year-old student on our Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development (MPP) has won the first ever Maastricht Student Entrepreneur Award. Laura Nieboer took home the prize for her ‘Pieke Broodbier’ – a “really fruity” British Golden Ale with a “strong bite” and a novel twist: it is brewed from waste bread.

"Beer is a man's world, so Laura's beer doesn't sell"

Sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire

Laura Nieboer (1996, Mendrisio, Switzerland) / master’s student of Public Policy and Human Development / relationship with Pieke / lives in Maastricht

My idea to improve the world: You cannot improve the world on your own. You have to focus on one thing. For me, that’s waste. 

Toasting the Maastricht Student Entrepreneur Award 2018

“Then I started brewing beer with pans, cups, a colander and cloths.”
Laura is 23 years old, a master’s student and founder of Innowastion. She invented and developed ‘Pieke Broodbier’. She started tests in her student room to brew beer from old bread! In the end, Laura managed to brew a full lager with which she won the Maastricht Student Entrepreneur Award in November 2018. And so she launched her beer brand Pieke Broodbier, which means that Laura is currently working hard on her company.

"We imagine how the world should be, not as it is"

Laura Nieboer – Founder Innowastion

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