Seeing innovative opportunities in waste streams


Our goal is to create a circular economy with renewable solutions to give business a real value.


Innowastion is driven by the mission to ‘Give Waste Value’. In our world every end-stream can be the beginning of something new.


At Innowastion we question why things are as they are. Only by challenging the current system we will be able to foster change.


We don't want to be alone in our journey and aim to inspire others to challenge the system with us. Together we can give current waste streams a new value.

About Innowastion

 Let's get the conversation started about the value of waste. Every day we throw away opportunities, opportunities to a better world for all. At Innowastion we want to do good, while doing business. 

Who We Are

 Innowastion is a Dutch startup that is driven by the mission to ‘give waste value’. Our name is a combination of ‘innovation’ and ‘waste’ as we think or ‘innovative ways to deal with waste’.  In modern society waste is defined as a material stream or by-product that is useless and thus needs to be disposed of.  We believe that waste , as society currently defines,  does not exist and that every end-stream can be the start of a new opportunity . We need to challenge ourselves to think outside of what is standard and be creative.   

Our Mission

At Innowastion we look into different waste streams that are connected to the food sector and develop potential solutions. When we see market potential for the idea, we will bring the product to market . Once the product is on the market we constantly assess what is happening and learn from the process. At Innowastion we believe it is important to partake in the entire journey of our material streams from ‘waste’ to new product to truly understand what impact can be made. We have great ambitions to grow and challenge how we do things in our current society. 

"We imagine how the world should be, not as it is"

Laura Nieboer – Founder Innowastion

Contact Us

Maastricht, The Netherlands

KvK number: 72007192