Sustainability for us means positive impact and sustainability of the business. We believe in a Circular Economy in which every end is the beginning of something new. We focus on doing business with local partners and think about the impact of everything we do.

There are only a finite amount of resources on the planet that we have to make do with. At the same time, there are so many resources that we underutilize and never fully exploit. It is time that we start to challenge ourselves and question why we have accepted uncontrolled resource consumption until now. Virgin material does not always have to be the answer – underutilized material streams can be just as good.  

Additionally, national and global opinions are shifting and governments are introducing policies towards a circular economy. In the Netherlands, for examplethere is the Vision 2050, which states that by 2050 the Netherlands aims to use no new resources. This means that the economy should be entirely circular by 2050. Now is the time to change and look at the opportunities that (your) waste streams might still have.    

Caring about sustainability does not only apply to our mission, but also to the health of our business. It is important to us that we can design solutions that do not only give a waste stream value but also generate positive impact for the company. We believe that this is possible – not only for us, but also for you.  

"Doing good, while doing business"
is what good business should be

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